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LCM’s intermediates division is a strategic partner for APIs bulk producers in sourcing and supplying. We offer a wide range of intermediates including industrial reagents, fine chemicals as well as critical and advanced intermediates. Our activities and continuative updates are focused to well understand customer’s needs, not limited to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our main application areas are:

  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates for Generic APIs.
  • Advanced GMP and N-1 Intermediates.
  • Starting Raw Materials.
  • Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO).

We are well connected with reliable chemical manufacturing partners who offer specific capabilities and technologies in different areas of organic chemistry.

We can support our customers to fulfill their current and future needs, from kg to multi-ton scale.
We professionally take care of all chemical regulation requirements.

We register, manage and label chemicals after classification as per the CLP and arrange and compile CLP-compliant Material Safety Data Sheets and labels.

We keep REACh pre-registrations and will register those intermediates that require registration.


We can support our customers takeing care of all chemical regulation requirements.

  • Chemical Intermediates
  • Basic Chemicals
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