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Natural Argan Oil Emulsion
Natural Argan Oil Emulsion
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SeraShine® EM 801 is our first natural oil emulsion containing organic, deodorised Moroccan Argan oil, with proven conditioning benefits for damaged hair.

As an emulsion, Argan oil can be easily incorporated into aqueous systems.  Just 1% of the emulsion contains 0.52% of Argan oil.

Formulated for damaged hair; SeraShine® EM 801 significantly improves dry combing in shampoo and excellent wet combing in conditioners. Smoothing is also improved in rinse-off products.  When incorporated into conditioners, damage repair is possible.These effects can be seen at addition levels of 2% active silicone to conditioner formulations, but usage is recommend in all types of hair products, at 1 – 6% as supplied.Argan oil is notoriously unstable at temperatures over 40°C and in UV light, leading to discolouration, odour and viscosity issues.  It is also a deep amber colour which can affect the final colour of the formulations.  Emulsifying argan oil into a white emulsion ensures a much more stable product without affecting the colour of the formulation.It is recommended the final pH of surfactant systems is over 5.5.


  • Improves wet and dry combing
  • Enhances smoothness
  • Repairs damage when incorporated into conditioners
  • Organic, cold-pressed, deodorised, Moroccan sourced
  • Shampoo and conditioner can easily contain 0.5% – 3% Argan oil
  • IECIC listed


  • Damaged hair shampoos
  • Daily hair conditioners
  • Intensive treatments
  • Premium and Salon haircare